Saturday, 30 June 2012

Great Gretsch Drum Duet

I came across this recently on the web.  Fantastic piece of drumming and a great sound too!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sure Signal

I live in an apartment with really poor mobile reception.  The mobile reception in the area is generally pretty good, but I live in the shadow of a church and this seems to cause a major problem to the mobile telephone reception.  Both for 02 and Vodafone.

I spotted on of these devices a while ago - it plugs into a broadband connection and effectively sets up a mini 3G cell - the box connects to a  Vodafone  server and your 3G telephone connects to the box.  It gives me a 5 bar signal at home and works for both voice and data calls.

It takes a few minutes to set up and about ten minutes to come up as service ready, but then you are done.  It works a treat and costs around £50 as a one off payment.  Calls and connections are as per your contract, so once you have purchased the box, there are no additional costs.  In fact, I had to swap from O2 (my current phone provider) to Vodafone and purchased the box as part of the transfer.  It cost £20 as a one off payment. 

Unfortunately, O2 did not offer a similar service, so after more than 15 years on O2 (I started out on CellNet), I had to change mobile providers to get a decent signal at home.

Poor information here:

Monday, 30 May 2011

LG BD660

I just purchased an LG BD660 Blu-ray player as a gift for a friend and I have been really impressed. So like many other Blu-ray players, it also plays DVDs and CDs and comes with the capability to connect it to the Internet.  No big deal so far.  It is also capable of playing 3D discs.  No big deal so far.

But the Internet connectivity provides access to something that LG call "NetCast".  This is a simple webpage that allows users to get access to other web services, including the BBC iPlayer.  The user interface is simple and pretty slick.  But the killer app here is getting access to the BBC iPlayer.  This is a great service, but unless you can watch the material on a normal TV, then it is of limited value.  The BD660 allows you to do just that and all for under £150!

The outside of the box listed the Internet connectivity, but it didn't list the iPlayer amongst the things that you could get access to.  So it was a real pleasant surprise.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

50 ways to leave your lover

Steve Gadd has to be one of the best drummers around. Forget massive drum kits and the egos that go with them. This is a classic clip of Steve Gadd in action.

Here's the link to Paul Simon and Steve playing the track live in 2000.

Monday, 26 April 2010

This beats clunk click

Sometimes you see an advert and you think wow. This is one of those. An advert that communicates its message 100% at an emotional level. It just connects.